Environmental Policy

Realhome recognises environmental sustainability as a key priority in our company. We endeavour to conduct all aspects of our business in a manner which reduces our impact on the environment and natural resources.

Our obligation to environmental sustainability is the responsibility of everyone at all levels within the company and will be achieved by:


  • Reducing waste by selecting the most optimal material sheet size.

  • Re-using off-cuts for other products such as shelving.

  • Recycling any off-cuts that cannot be re-used.

  • Procuring raw materials from suppliers which utilise best environmental practice.

  • Minimise energy consumption by ensuring machines, power tools, lights, air conditioning and other electrical equipment are turned off when not required.

  • Facilitating the use of fuel efficient vehicles and planning transportation routes which are the most economical

  • Recycling office and packaging materials such as cardboard and paper.

  • Minimising the use of paper by utilising double-sided printing and maintaining electronic records in preference to printed versions.

  • Meeting or exceeding all relevant environmental legislation, requirements and standards.