4th February, 2014

Wet Areas and Board Types

We are often asked if we install structural (MR MDF) board partitions in areas which include shower cubicles.  The answer to this is that we do not recommend the use of MDF or particle board in the vicinity of shower cubicles as over time the board may absorb water and degrade.
As we guarantee the products that we manufacture, we only recommend materials that are proven to stand up to the environment in which they are installed.  Therefore, in areas which include shower partitions we recommend compact laminate or in some areas such as parks and industrial settings compressed fibre (CFC) is also an acceptable material.
In the past there have been a number of materials that were used for toilet and shower partitions.  However, today compact laminate is used in the majority of toilet and shower partition works.  Compact laminate toilet and shower partitions provide not only a contemporary appearance, but, are also durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.